6 Wonderful Reasons To Hire A Commercial Pest Control Company

commercial pest control company no bugs

commercial pest control company

You know that feeling with you see something scurrying across your counter that shouldn’t be. A little uneasy, a little upset and a lot embarrassed – especially if it happens in front of YOUR CUSTOMERS! While taking care of your business’s pest control may seem like an easy way to save a few extra dollars it doesn’t always turn out that way. Here are six wonderful reason to hire a commercial pest control company:

1. Knowledge & Training  

You are an expert in your field of business, and so are we! Our team at Superior Spray Service has specialized training and knowledge of pests and pesticides. Furthermore, we are frequently completing continuing education in the latest and most effective pest control methods. Our licensed pest control professionals will safely and effectively administer pesticides in your place of business, so not to disrupt your business and more importantly, your customers. Misuse of pesticides (even accidentally) by yourself or an employee could result in a liability for your business. Notably if a customer or another employee has an adverse reaction after the treatment.

commercial pest control company rat in store2. Pest Species Identification

Identifying pests is not as easy as saying “I saw a roach, I need to get a spray for roaches.” Pests can be tricky to correctly identify, and difficult to control if you are not trained to know the differences in the numerous, varied species. There is more than one type of roach or rat. Also, by the time you notice a pest problem, you are likely to have an infestation. Hence, managing large pest populations can be difficult and hard to eradicate unless you hire a commercial pest control company.  

3. Time

Trying to tackle a business’s pest control needs may be more time consuming than most business owners realize, and the efforts are often unsuccessful. This leads to more attempts and more time lost. Also remember to factor in the time it takes for managers or employees to research, purchase and use the products. Is this time well spent away from their normal duties?

4. Cost

When determining the costs associated with attempting your business’s pest control efforts, you may only factor in a one-time treatment. If that doesn’t solve your pest problem there will be more attempts and more costs associated.  Additionally, there could be interruptions to your normal schedule, inconveniences for customers, and further expenses for repeated pest problems and additional products.  

5. Long Term Protection

When choosing a commercial pest control company, like Superior Spray Service, to take care of your business’s needs we will address your current pest problems and help you prevent future infestations. Additionally, we will be on-call 24/7 for you and your business for as long as you continue your service contract.

6. Peace of Mind

Nothing can ease your mind better than knowing your businesses is pest free. No worries of embarrassment, from a roach or rodent running across the floor in front of a customer. When you choose Superior Spray Service as your commercial pest control company you get a team of professional pest control experts who will provide unparalleled service and be at your service when you need us!  

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What Will You Get From A Commercial Pest Control Company?

During your service visit, Superior Spray Service will include:

  • Thorough inspection of your building’s interiors and exteriors
  • Identification of pest activity and entry risks
  • Treatment of affected areas
  • Recommendations for limiting and preventing new pest activity
  • Ongoing treatment and any necessary modifications if needed
  • Education of pest activities and conditions that could be affecting pest activity near your business

As a business owner, choosing a commercial pest control company is an important business decision. Therefore, we encourage you to look at you business’s pest control needs from both a short and long-term perspective. Think about the consequences that an ineffective pest control plan could have on your business. For instance, the risks, time lost and awkward situations you could be put in as the face of your company. When considering the financial costs of pest control for your business, don’t forget to budget the costs of your time, and the time of your employees into your calculations.

Remember it doesn’t hurt to get a free estimate from Superior Spray Service for your commercial pest control needs. It could be less than you think! 863-682-0700