Why Termatrac Is Amazing And Why Every Termite Inspection Needs It!

Termatrac in use bedbug ants termite inspection

What is Termatrac and why your termite inspection should include it. Termite swarming season in Central Florida is almost perpetual. Not protecting your home against these destructive insects could be setting yourself up for an expensive disaster.  In fact, termites do about $5 billion in property damage in the United States each year. At Superior […]

Tree Risk Assessments in Central Florida

tree risk assessments central florida Superior Spray Service

Performing Tree Risk Assessments in Central Florida Palm trees and stately oaks throughout Florida add to the unique appeal and beauty of the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, these beautiful trees can become ravaged by disease, insect infestations and poor pruning techniques. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, or work for a municipal government, the […]

Comprehensive WDO inspections from Superior Spray Service

WDO Inspections Superior Spray Service

Importance of WDO inspections Wood destroying organisms, especially termites are more common, and wreak more havoc, than you might realize. Each year, termites damage about 600,000 homes in the United States. This adds up to billions of dollars in property damage. In a warm and humid climate such as Florida, termites and wood destroying organisms […]

Why You Need Boat Pest Control

boat pest control in Florida

Boat Pest Control In Florida Many of today’s pests that we struggle to control actually traveled to here via ships and boats. Consequently, any boat owner can tell you boats are prime habitats for, well…boatloads of pests. In fact, all of the things we enjoy about spending time on boats are the things pests love […]