Most Common Places For Bed Bugs During The Holidays

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Think a bed bug infestation can’t happen to you, think again! Bed bugs are resilient pests. These invaders can survive in many environments through harsh conditions. Bugs without Borders a study by the National Pest Management Association has proven bed bug infestations are becoming an epidemic in our country. Bed Bugs come from a variety of locations, often public places. At Superior Spray Service, Inc. we notice that many victims don’t understand how they got bed bugs in the first place. However, in order to keep your home pest-free, especially during the holiday season, you need to know what and where to avoid. That’s why we came up with this list of the five most common places for bed bugs during the holidays.

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5 Most Common Places For Bed Bugs

1. Hotels & Motels

These are well-known harboring grounds for bed bugs, because of so many people coming and going. However, you may not know how to check for bed bugs in your hotel room. Common hiding places for bed bugs hotel rooms include the seams of the mattress, in the cracks of the bed’s headboard, in the baseboards, and the folds of upholstered furniture. Bed bugs will appear as reddish-brown ovals in these places. If you find proof of bed bugs, then you should show the hotel manager and try to switch hotels. If these fast-moving monsters are in one room, they’re moving through the walls and floors to other rooms. Another great resource for finding out if your hotel may have bed bugs is The Bed Bug Registry

2. Movie Theaters

A movie theater probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of common places for bed bugs. First off, there aren’t even beds there! Although, if you think about it, movie theaters are a bed bug’s paradise. Hundreds of cushioned seats, lots of bodies moving in and out, dim or dark lighting, wall-to-ceiling fabric and plenty of carpeting make a movie theaters the ultimate bed bug hideout. Always use the flashlight app on your phone to check your seats before settling in. Tip: Wearing light colors may help you see any creeping bugs, should they come out of hiding during your movie.

3. Restaurants

You’re out to eat, but little did you know you may be on the menu. Restaurants are high-traffic areas where multiple bodies share one individual area that is usually composed of wood and fabric. If you find a bed bug in a restaurant, you should notify the staff immediately. In fact, the growing number of bed bugs in food establishments has become an epidemic. 

4. Public Transportation

While it may not be your favorite mode of transportation, it’s likely that you, a family member, or a friend will use public transportation at some point. School or city buses, trains, planes, taxis, ride-sharing vehicles (such as Uber or Lyft), and other types of public transportation are extremely common places for bed bugs to hide. They can travel from person to person while you move from place to place. 

5. Stores

This doesn’t just apply to consignment and second-hand stores. Bed bugs can hop from carpet, to a store employee, to a shopper, or even onto merchandise—even in major brand-name stores. Bed bugs are enduring pests and can live on a piece of fabric for months without food. That’s why they are so dangerous. When shopping, check your merchandise, dressing rooms, and common areas for odd stains, sticky white eggs, or shed insect skins. 

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