How To Keep Your Perfect Tree Pest and Moss Free

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Picture your perfect tree. How does it look; does it have one, or maybe multiple trunks and lush green leaves or palm fronds? If you’re like most people, your perfect tree is free of blemishes, disease, insects and moss. Your tree is large and healthy, the kind of tree you want in your landscaping. It may provide shade, but one thing is for sure, it definitely adds beauty to your property. Healthy trees increase curb appeal and bring value to your home or business. However, neglecting your trees can mean they will fall victim to disease and pests. Turning your once perfect tree into a potential danger, can take value away from your property.

Treat Insects Before They Eat Your Trees

pests that threaten perfect trees in florida In Central Florida we are home to countless insects that could be devouring your trees. (Rugose Spiraling Whitefly, Pine Bark Beetles, Winter Moths, Leaf Chewing Caterpillar, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Red Gum Lerp Psyllid, Erythrina Gall Wasp, Mites, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer, Oak Worms, Aphids, Thrips, Goldspotted Oak Borer, and Bronze Birch Borer) These pests can cause discolorations, defoliation, and terminal damage when left untreated. Professional tree care will help retain the investment you’ve made in your landscape and healthy trees add tremendous value to your home. At Superior Spray we are happy to offer ArborJet trunk injections, a highly effective way to immediately treat your trees and protect them long term. A single injection can last up to 2 years!  There is no pollution risk to your family, pets or customers because the formulas are directly injected into the tree.

If you are noticing signs of stress in your trees Call Us for a complimentary inspection. Upon identifying any problems we will customize a treatment plan specific to your tree’s needs.  Our service techs are expertly trained and licensed to diagnose and treat tree pest issues. Remember, the sooner your trees receive treatment the quicker they can recover.

Spiraling Whitefly 

ruining your perfect tree whitefly goo

One of the biggest threats in Florida is the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly. This terror is causing serious damage to Florida palm trees. An infestation can also mean a sticky mess will appear on other exterior surfaces of your property. If this wasn’t bad enough, the whitefly’s waste attracts ants who will feed on the sticky and sweet substance they leave behind.  Luckily, we have a specific tree injection solution that provides a powerful and safe way to treat this nuisance; leaving your trees to re-grow and thrive.

Keep Your Trees Disease Free

However, pests are not the only things that threaten Florida trees. Diseases such as Sudden Oak Death, Chlorosis, Oak Wilt, Root Rot, Anthracnose, Apple Scab and Fire Blight can weaken, and if left untreated, potentially kill your beautiful trees. Common symptoms of an infected tree are leaves that appear drought stressed and have a dull green, yellow, red, or brown color as they wilt. Infected bark can look water- soaked, have discolorations, unfavorable odor and ‘bleeding’ cankers on the trunk. Our specially formulated tree injections can prevent, treat and cure all the above diseases.

If your trees are in danger, we encourage you to take advantage of our free assessment. During the assessment your tree will be inspected and we will take a sample to analyze what is causing stress to your trees. After disease identification a treatment plan will be discussed and we will go over what to expect as your trees heal.

Arborjet Trunk injections are used by the USDA Forest Service, city foresters, resorts, researchers and tree service professionals.

Arborjet injections for perfect tree - Superior Spray

How exactly do trunk injections work? 

  • A small Arborplug® is inserted into a the tree.
  • A needle is inserted through the Arborplug and the treatment is injected.
    A precise dose of formula is injected directly into the tree’s transport system
  • Formulas are distributed quickly through the trunk, branches and tissues
  • The Arborplug keeps the injected formula inside the tree.
  • The tree heals and grows over the Arborplug

Want to watch the injection procedure? We encourage home and business owners to learn about tree care and the injection process.

stop moss from killing my trees before afterWhat about Moss?

If you notice Spanish moss or ball moss suffocating or harming your trees, spraying trees for moss is an excellent cure. Although some people enjoy the look of a ‘mature landscape’ and moss in their trees please keep in mind that moss never benefits a tree.  While moss may not directly kill your trees, it does hinder trees with undue stressors. Moss is three times heavier when wet and adds a great deal of weight tree branches, which can result in broken limbs. When left untreated, moss can easily get out of control, covering branches and leaves which stops the tree from performing photosynthesis.

Treatment of Tree Moss

Of course, mosses can be picked out of trees manually, but this can be very time-consuming. The most effective method to treat moss is by spraying a copper solution onto an affected tree. This method is a guaranteed kill, because the solution travels through the moss. In addition, Potassium sprays are sure-fire and quick way to kill moss on contact. With this method, if a tree is sprayed in the morning, moss will be dead by the afternoon. Therefore, these two solutions are the most proficient way to treat moss covered trees. Copper or Potassium sprays will not harm children, pets or your business’s customers. However, it is advised to let the solution dry before touching any wet areas from the spraying process. Bonus benefits: Copper is an antifungal treatment and potassium provides extra nourishment because it is a main ingredient in fertilizer.

Your Perfect Tree Awaits

In conclusion, annual monitoring is an important step to getting that perfect tree. When trees are left untreated they can become weak and pose falling dangers. Also, diseases can contaminate a tree’s root system trees and spread to surrounding trees. In rare cases, trees will be past the point of being saved and we may recommend a tree removal. However most trees can be saved with injections and/or sprays that are designed to fight off disease and remove insects. If you notice your perfect tree has stopped sprouting new leaves, beautiful palm fronds, or is experiencing another sign of stress, give us a call immediately.

Tree Facts:

  • Homes with “excellent” landscaping can expect a sale price 6-7% higher than equivalent houses with “good” landscaping. Improving “average” to “good” landscaping can result in a 4-5% increase.perfect tree landscaping florida
  • A study conducted by Clemson University says landscaping can bring a return value of 100-200% at selling time. (Kitchen remodeling brings 75-125%, bathroom remodeling 20-120%)
  • 99% of real estate appraisers concurred that landscaping enhances the sales appeal of real estate. – Council of Tree and Landscape AppraisersA
    National Gardening Association says over 80% of realtors believe that mature trees have a “strong or moderate impact” on the salability of homes