How Well Do You Know Your Cockroaches?

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Well, we certainly hope you are not on a first-name basis with them however, it is important to be able to know the major species of cockroaches. In fact, living in central Florida there are really only 3 things you can count on; heat, humidity, and cockroaches. These hardy, enduring pests can survive for up to two weeks without their heads and can run as fast as 3 miles per hour! How do you combat creatures like this? By learning about them, and having a great pest control service like Superior Spray Service, Inc. (Voted Best Pest Control Company in Central Florida!) There are nearly 30 types of cockroaches but this article explores the most common types of roaches found in Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando, and throughout the central Florida area.

How Well Do You Know Your Cockroaches

What You Should Know About German & Asian Cockroaches 

Nearly identical in their physical appearance, these are two of the smallest species of cockroaches in the world. German and Asian cockroaches are also prolific and rapid reproducers. 

Similarities Between German & Asian Cockroaches

  • Physical Appearance: Both species are 12-16 mm in length. They boast a brown or amber color with two parallel stripes down their bodies. 
  • Reproduction: Both species of females produce egg cases containing approximately 30 to 40 eggs each. Both can cause a massive infestation in a very short time.

Differences Between German & Asian Cockroaches

  • Flight: It is important to know that Asian cockroaches are flyers while German cockroaches are not.
  • Habitat: German cockroaches love to move into houses, whereas Asian cockroaches tend to prefer outdoor habitats. 
  • Behavior: When you flip on your light switch, a German cockroach will scurry. Asian cockroaches, on the other hand, will be not frightened.

What You Should Know About American & Australian Cockroaches 

These species are frequently mistaken for each other. You should know that both of these cockroaches grow to 30-45 mm in length and have yellow markings around their heads. 

Similarities Between American & Australian Cockroaches

  • Physical appearance: American and Australian roaches possess yellowish markings around their heads. Both grow to be 30-45mm in length. 
  • Flight: Take cover, both species are strong fliers. 
  • Speed: American and Australian cockroaches are also quick on their feet. 

Differences Between American & Australian Cockroaches

  • Coloration: The only physical variation between these two species is their shades of brown. The American cockroach is a lighter red-brown. While the Australia cockroach is dark brown. 
  • Habitat: Australian cockroaches prefer plant food and thusly like living outdoors. American cockroaches enjoy moist warm climates such as drains, grease traps, and sewers. 
  • Odor: American cockroaches have a unique secretion that has an odor. It can alter food flavors. In large quantities, these roaches can be smelled before even being seen. 

Florida Wood Cockroaches

Quite common in Orlando and throughout central Florida. They are roughly 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. Florida Wood Cockroaches are reddish-brown and sometimes almost black. They don’t have fully developed wings on their backs, but rather small vestigial wings. These roaches prefer to live outdoors in woodpiles and compost. Florida Wood cockroaches are relatively harmless to people and property. Although, some people may experience irritation from the defensive chemical they secrete.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches 

This species is a deep mahogany color and grow to about 38 mm in length. They are extremely strong fliers who possess lengthy wings. With a penchant for decomposition and standing water, it is most common to find these roaches in humid environments, usually on the first floor of a building or near trash and compost. The smokey brown roach is especially troubling because they can spread diseases. They can carry tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid disease, and even leprosy or dysentery. They also have been known to spread the bacteria that cause gastroenteritis issues. After snacking on decaying matter they could easily be attracted to your kitchen light. Bringing whatever bacteria and illnesses they’ve been exposed to into your home. They also produce a protein that triggers asthma and allergies. 

Cuban Cockroaches 

Pale green or light brown in color, these roaches are often referred to as banana roaches. Growing up to 2 inches long, these speedy, high-flying cockroaches like to live in tree canopies. They aren’t particularly invasive. However, their attraction to light could help them find their way inside your home. 

How To Prevent Cockroaches Central Florida 

No matter the species, a cockroach infestation can happen to anyone and pose a threat to you or your property. If you notice these disgusting insects invading your space, act fast. Don’t risk do-it-yourself methods that offer hit-or-miss results. Instead, trust the professionals at Superior Spray Service, Inc. voted the best pest control company in Central Florida! We can eliminate an existing infestation, as well as prevent these pests in your home or business. Contact us at (863) 682-0700 to schedule your free estimate or service appointment today. Superior Spray Inc. offers 24/7 Emergency Services so you can have bugs gone FAST.