Lawn Aeration, The Best Kept Secret In Having Gorgeous Grass

Lawn Aeration, The Best Kept Secret In Having Gorgeous Grass

It’s just the beginning of the rainy season but the rain is already coming down in droves! While it is very welcome after the dry season, it’s possible that your lawn looks flooded or has obvious puddles after a good rain. Lawns showing these symptoms are not absorbing water and nutrients as they should. Compacted soil and excessive thatch are the likely culprits. Pets, kids, having friends over for cookouts and even lawnmowers can be the cause.

What Can You Do To Help Your Florida Lawn?

Although Florida life is tough on your lawn, you do not have to give up your fun! There is a safe and effective way to get your lawn thriving once again; aeration! Aeration is a lawn maintenance process that removes plugs of thatch and compacted soil from your lawn. These plugs create pores that allow moisture and nutrients to be absorbed into the soil. The pores serve as a breathing system for your lawn, where carbon dioxide can exit the soil and oxygen can enter. As this happens, rapid change starts and damages from thatch and compacted soil are corrected.

thatch lawn aeration

Lawn Thatch / Aeration Plugs


Why Should You Have Your Lawn Aerated?

Lawn aeration promotes a stronger, healthier lawn. As nutrients and water are allowed in, grass roots grow stronger and more efficient. Aeration encourages restorative properties in your lawn, therefore, it is not uncommon to see more drought resistance and heat tolerance. After an aeration treatment, your lawn is literally able to eat, drink and breathe again! Need another reason to try lawn aeration? It is the most environmentally responsible service and uses no chemicals.

after lawn aeration


Benefits of Lawn Aeration 

  • Watering efficiency and conservation
  • Nutrient runoff is decreased
  • Increased pest, disease, and weed resistance
  • Less pesticides needed
  • Less fertilizer required


Lawn Aeration Tips

  • Water your lawn the evening before you plan to have your lawn aerated but do not over water. Overly dry or wet soil will make the process difficult.

  • During the aeration process, plugs of soil will be left on your lawn. Leave them there. As they break down, their nutrients are reabsorbed into the soil.

  • You can speed up the breakdown of the soil plugs by running them over with your lawnmower.

  • Plan for fertilizing and other lawn treatments after aeration when efforts are most effective.

  • Make sure your freshly aerated lawn has sufficient water every 2 or 3 days during the recovery process. If we have a healthy rainfall, you can skip watering for a day or 2.

  • Always aerate when your lawn during its peak growing season to shorten recovery time. For Florida lawns, late spring through early summer is the best time to aerate.

lawn aeration mowingReady To Have Your Lawn Aerated?

Florida lawns have to put up with a lot; extreme heat, insects even diseases. We know that these conditions can be stressful on your lawn. Do your lawn a favor and let Superior Spray Service Inc. give it a restorative aeration treatment! Our experienced technicians will give you fast, and visible results. What are you waiting for, get the healthy lawn you deserve! Contact us today! (863) 682-0700

Superior Spray Service is proud to serve customers in Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando and throughout central Florida.


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