Indoor Pest Control

Superior Spray Service offers both commercial and residential perimeter pest management services through treatment of the exterior of the home or business. By doing this, we guarantee the control of all kinds of ants, silverfish, crickets, earwigs, roaches and other insects. This may also help assist in the control of spiders, but please keep in mind there are many other things associated with their control, which can be discussed by contacting us directly. This service is accomplished by treating all entry points on the outside of the establishment around windows, doorways, underneath eaves, and in patios. Re-treatments for this service will be done on an as-needed basis for any problems that may arise.

Superior Spray Service also offers indoor pest management for individuals that require it. We will come inside and treat the entire perimeter of the establishment. We can also provide a flea or tick treatment inside your home if there is a problem.

You can be assured Superior Spray Service only uses the safest materials in our pest management practices to get the desired results. Customers will need to assist in making sure all entry points are sealed properly at windows and doorways. All shrubbery and trees will need to be maintained in a manner as not to come in contact with the structure.

Occasionally, a property owner may come across one stray bug or a couple of ants that have wandered in. Please remember that Lakeland, Winter Haven and other surrounding areas are all tropical climates and that seeing a bug here and there does not necessarily constitute a pest problem. However, if you see multiple bugs or trailing ants, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to take care of these problems as soon as possible.

It is best to save a sample of any pests that may have entered your home so that they may be identified correctly. For ants, this can be done by lightly touching the ant with a piece of Scotch tape. There are various ways that we will take care of different issues, so proper identification is very important.

Superior Spray Service also offers a spider control treatment for your outdoor lanai or pool areas. If you are having a problem with spiders or other pests at your home please contact us!