Tree Spraying

Superior Spray Services IncThere are several types of moss, fungus and other pests that can affect your trees. Superior spray service offers a single application treatment that is effective for both Spanish Moss and Ball Moss. These are the two most common pests that invade trees here in the central Florida region. We spray a single application of chemicals that will not hurt the tree or the plants below, however the moss will slowly die after this application. The moss can take up to 6 months to die, but we guarantee that it will die. Both Spanish Moss and Ball Moss are not parasitic, they do not directly impact the tree, however too much of the moss can impede photo-synthesis by not allowing enough light to get to the leaves of the tree; which can dry out and kill your trees. The moss can also weigh the tree down causing branches to break especially in unfavorable weather conditions.

Please contact us to have a free evaluation done of your trees, if you are concerned with the current amount of moss in your trees. For more information on both of these types of mosses, as well as other common growth on trees please contact us.

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