How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas And Ticks

Protect Your Pets From Fleas And Ticks Superior Spray - Flea & Tick Spraying

Scratch, scratch, scratch….ting, ting ting….

Protect Your Pets From Fleas And Ticks Superior Spray - Flea & Tick SprayingAhh the sound of spring, and your pet scratching their neck as their tags ting back and forth against the metal loop that holds in them place on their collar. It’s a mild annoyance compared to the blood sucking flea bites your pet has to deal with when spring rolls around in Florida. So how do you protect your pets from fleas and ticks? We’re here to let you in on the details.

Protect Your Pets From Fleas And Ticks

Keep A Clean Home

Vacuuming helps get rid of fleas and ticks. Making this a frequent and regular habit prevents them from laying more eggs. Remember to dispose of vacuum bags outdoors after each session. If you suspect an infestation, wash bedding and toys in hot soapy water to remove eggs, larvae, and pupae. When possible, use your dryer on the hottest setting to dry these items.

Proactive Lawn Maintenance

Even if your pets are 99% indoor animals it’s important to keep your lawn maintained.  A well-groomed lawn prevents rodent inhabitation, a common source of uncontrolled fleas and ticks. Pet parents should also have a course of action for seasonal lawn pests. If you are serious about controlling fleas and ticks, a licensed pest control company like Superior Spray Service Inc. can offer exceptional treatment plans that are guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

Take Care Of Your Pets

Regular baths and grooming, along with yearly veterinary visits are essential to protect your pets from fleas and ticks. Specially formulated flea and tick shampoos are available at local stores and will remove pests at all stages in their life cycles. For prescription flea and tick treatments, remember to use them as instructed by your veterinarian only.

Treat The Inside Of Your Home

Regular indoor pest control can maintain moderate control of fleas and ticks however, spring and summer seasons in Florida mean these pest populations could be exponentially multiplying. If your furry friends are itching, or you notice ticks attached to their skin when you reach down to pet them it’s clear you have a problem. Even if you are actively practicing the above preventative methods, in home flea and tick treatments may still be needed. At Superior Spray Service Inc. we are licensed to kill fleas and ticks. Free, in-home estimates are available, to schedule yours call 863-682-0700.

Did You Know:

  • An infected flea can transmit a tapeworm to dogs and cats if they swallow the flea.
  • Pets can be extremely sensitive to flea saliva, which causes increased itching and therefore, scratching. Making secondary infections and dermatitis more likely. 
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people, dogs and cats can get Lyme disease from ticks.
  • Ticks can attach near a pet’s spinal cord, causing tick paralysis causing muscle weakness, loss of coordination and in some cases, respiratory failure and death.

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