The Danger Of Ignoring Bed Bugs

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Is ignoring bed bugs really that bad?

You awake with a few itchy bites in the morning but you brush it off and move on with your day. No big deal right? It’s probably just mosquito bites, or is it? The truth is bed bugs are more common than most people want to admit. Especially during the times of year when travel is at high rates; think spring break, summer, fall & winter holidays. These pests are a big danger to your family and your home. Ignoring bed bugs will only cause more problems. However, the fact is that bed bugs are so small that even if you conduct your own search, you may not find them. If you suspect pest activity that is uncommon for your home it’s best to contact the pest professionals at Superior Spray Service. The fact is ignoring bed bugs opens pandora’s box of possibilities and puts your family at risk for immense consequences. 

If you think we are exaggerating, it’s probably because you have not heard the horror stories of ignoring bed bugs. In fact, most people only know the basics of bed bugs. That’s why your local Florida pest experts at Superior Spray Service want to let you know all about these notorious pests. 

Bed Bugs Are Not Cute

Maybe if bed bugs went by their scientific name, Cimex lectularius they would be feared a little more. The term bed bug kind of makes them sound like warm, cuddly bugs that will help you get a good night’s sleep. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bed bugs are an exceptionally aggressive type of parasitic pest. They usually make themselves at home in couches, cushions, chairs, and beds; which is how they got their common name.

These pests are what nightmares are made of and it’s not just because they are nocturnal, but that does add to their repulsiveness. Nothing good happens after 10pm, are we right? Although these pests are repulsive, they are not dumb. They are active at night because their predators are less likely to discover them. So when the lights go out and things get calm in your home, this sends a signal for  bed bugs to come out of hiding and begin looking for a source of food (you). 

Blood Sucking Bugs

Bed bugs need blood meals to survive and their preferred source comes from your family, and pets. As a result, they sink their sharp stylets (a bed bug’s version of teeth) into your skin and suck your blood while you’re sleeping. Sad news: wearing long johns to bed won’t save you from becoming a bedtime snack for these pests. After they are done, all that is left behind are ugly, itchy red welts. Therefore, if you are not lucky or unlucky enough to catch them in the act, the only tell-tale sign you have that something is wrong are those itchy red welts. So don’t dismiss them so fast because ignoring bed bugs will only make matters worse. 

We have uncovered that bed bugs are markedly annoying. However, that’s not the worst part. What makes bed bugs your worst nightmare is that they are extremely difficult to eradicate. The average homeowner usually ignores bed bugs until their home is infested. By this time bed bugs have hidden deep inside pillows, rugs, couches, mattresses and the list could go on…anything with fabric they will try to make into a makeshift hideout. Typically, the easier they are to find, the more aggressive the investigation is.

Bed Bug Infestations 

Okay, so you have some unsightly itchy bites and sharing your bed and couch with some bugs. Is that as bad as it gets? Nope. Once bed bugs have started nesting in your furniture, rugs, and carpet, you have to get rid of it…all of it!  If you want new furniture, ignoring bed bugs until you have an infestation is NOT the way to go about getting it. Once bed bugs make their nests in more than one area of your home, you are dealing with a massive infestation. And the time from just a few bed bugs to a full-scale infestation could be just  a matter of days. Ignoring bed bugs means you could be throwing out everything in your home…furniture, carpet, clothes, suitcases, bedding, mattresses, etc. We can assure you, it’s not what you want to deal with. 

It Doesn’t End At Total Home Destruction

Maybe you were planning a total home makeover and remodel anyways and ignoring bed bugs just gave you the extra push you needed to get started. At least that’s the worst of it, right? Think again. Ignoring bed bugs leads to unprecedented infestation, not just of your home but the homes of anyone who visits your home. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. Meaning they will latch on to your house guests and visitors’ clothing and take a trip back to their home to start an all new invasion. Example, you are unaware that you have bed bugs in your couch, and invite 2 friends over who sit on the couch. It’s extremely likely that when they leave, a few bed bugs are going with them. Which means those bugs could start infesting their vehicles and homes. Remember all the above things that happened to you and your family? Now they are happening at your friends’ houses. The cycle repeats and repeats until someone is proactive and stops ignoring bed bugs before an infestation happens.

Let Superior Spray Service Help Eradicate Bed Bugs

If you are worried about bed bugs and wondering if those weird mosquito bites ( i.e. bed bug bites) are more than meets the eye we can help. Don’t hesitate when it comes to bed bugs. Call the pest professionals at Superior Spray Service right away for a free bed bug inspection. Don’t let these creeping critters keep you up at night. Our trained technicians have the specialized tools to stomp out a bed bug problem before or after it becomes an infestation. Get the help you need today. Call 833-682-0700 or message us now.