Tree Restoration and How It Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

Live Oak Tree Restoration Superior Spray Service

Trees affect your curb appeal and your property value as well. Think about it, would you want to buy a lot with sickly looking trees or healthy, thriving trees? A great tree can bring provide lasting beauty and/or shade from the hot Florida sun. As a popular song says “It don’t matter if you’re young or you’re old”  – all your trees should be receiving the proper care. If you have let your tree maintenance slide over the last few years, all is not lost. At Superior Spray Service, we want to help keep your trees healthy and improve the investment you’ve made in your property. That’s why we want you to know about tree restoration and how it can help your trees!

Live Oak Tree Restoration Superior Spray Service

Tree Inspections

Before you decide to do anything with the trees on your property you should have them inspected by a certified arborist. An arborist will assess your trees, determine their health, current value, and how they can affect your wallet if not cared for properly. You may not realize it but certain species of trees like live oaks are potential gold mines. A mature, healthy live oak can add thousands of dollars in property value! Not to mention, live oaks are virtually hurricane-resistant. Also, if planted and maintained correctly, they can help mitigate other damages, like soil erosion, during a hurricane. That is great news if you live in Florida! When you call a certified arborist for a diagnosis they will perform a multi-level tree inspection and write you a prescription for your tree(s). 

Tree Inspection Process

  1. Visual Inspection: Our arborists will perform a ground-based 360-degree inspection, examining the trunk, limbs, and branches, as well as the color and density of the foliage. 
  2. Damage Detection: Our arborists will assess whether the tree’s structural integrity has been weakened or compromised. This stage of the inspection looks for signs of disease and insect damage and involves using special tools to test the internal integrity of your trees.
  3. Root Flare Inspection: The root flare, also known as the root collar, is the most sensitive part of the tree. Planting a tree too deep, or placing mulch on the trunk can damage its root system. Among the most common issues we see are root rot, dry out, or the roots can actually strangle the tree.
  4. Root Zone Review: Healthy roots can extend over two times the height of the tree. They are its life source, supplying water and nutrients to all areas of the tree. Unhealthy roots cause instability and weaken the tree’s ability to fight disease. 

Tree Restoration

After our arborists have conducted a thorough inspection they will develop a plan of action to care for your tree’s unique needs. Your tree restoration prescription can be as simple as precisely pruning for your tree type. However, it can also include deep root fertilizing, growth-regulating, or boosting the tree’s immune system. At Superior Spray Service we offer a variety of methods to help restore your trees. From moss spraying, insecticide treatments, ArborJet tree injections, and more. 

Central Florida Tree Restoration Services

Your Florida trees need an experienced tree restoration partner to properly care for and restore them to their full potential. Let Superior Spray Service be that partner! It’s not always a century-old live oak, it could be a palm tree with lethal yellowing. Or, maybe you need to evaluate a few trees while preparing to buy or sell your property. Superior Spray Service is proud to serve customers in Central Florida. If you’re in the Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando, or surrounding areas contact us today at (863) 682-0700 for all your tree care needs.