Tree Risk Assessments in Central Florida

tree risk assessments central florida Superior Spray Service

Performing Tree Risk Assessments in Central Florida

Palm trees and stately oaks throughout Florida add to the unique appeal and beauty of the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, these beautiful trees can become ravaged by disease, insect infestations and poor pruning techniques. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, or work for a municipal government, the trees on your property serve several key purposes. They provide shade on those hot Florida days, add beauty or “curb appeal” to your land, and increase your property value. Superior Spray Service wants to help you protect your trees. In our efforts, we partnered with a Board Certified Master Arborist to provide tree assessments and treatments to our clients. Read on to learn more about how a tree risk assessment can help protect your trees in Central Florida

tree risk assessments central florida Superior Spray Service
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Threats to Trees in Central Florida 

Tree Diseases 

This is arguably the greatest hazard to palm trees in particular in the state of Florida. In fact, lethal yellowing has devastated the population of native coconut palms in South Florida. Lethal browning, which also is known as Texas Phoenix palm decline, has also been afflicting palms in Florida for years. In 2014 palm wilt, spread through fungal spores, devastated the Queen Palm and Mexican Fan Palm varieties in Central Florida.

Diseases can affect more than just palm trees in Florida. They are most commonly categorized into the following categories. 

  • Foliage Disease: Includes powdery mildews, molds and blisters.
  • Stem Disease: Includes galls, cankers, decay, fungus and wilts.
  • Root Disease: Includes root necrosis and root rot
  • Forest Tree Nursery and Regeneration Disease: Diseases typically found in forest tree nurseries or forest regeneration settings.

Always consult with a tree service that has a certified arborist on staff to help you identify and treat your trees.

Insect Infestations in Trees

We don’t have to tell you that insect infestations can be a problem in Florida, especially given the warm climate. However, insects can infest your trees just as easily as they can your home or business. Caterpillars love to feast on the blossoms of Cabbage palms, the most common variety of palm tree in Florida. The Royal Palm Bug specifically affects the royal palm tree, with the female laying one egg daily during the spring. These bugs won’t kill the royal palm but they will kill the fronds. The Giant Palm Borer is the greatest creepy, crawly threat to palms in the Sunshine State, known for drilling quarter-sized holes in a variety of palm trees.  

Of course insects can infest any Florida tree, not only palm trees. Here are some warning signs to look for if you suspect an insect infestation in your tree. 

  1. On fruiting trees look for abnormal fruit shape, chewed marks, damaged seeds, galls, holes, or immature fruit drop.
  2. Damage to buds including discoloring, wilting, holes, and galls.
  3. Borer channels in the bark or bark that appears chewed. 
  4. Sawdust on or around the tree, galls, holes, masses, or tunnels in the bark.
  5. Leaves that are curled, discolored, or disfigured. Foliage drop, galls, holes, mines, notches, or leaves that appear spotted.
  6. Root problems including borer tunnels, chewed roots, galls, girdled roots, or root mining.

How A Master Arborist Can Help Protect Your Trees With Tree Risk Assessments

A certified master arborist has undergone years of training to become a tree expert. Just as veterinarians work with various animal species, a qualified arborist possesses  a wide variety of knowledge about different types of trees. One of the most valuable services an arborist provides is a tree risk assessment. This process evaluates a tree and determines if  there is a threat of failure due to disease, infestation, age, poor pruning techniques or environmental factors. Tree risk assessments in Central Florida should consider several factors, including the biology and structure of the tree, the surrounding environment, and the history of the site. Even if the assessment finds a high risk of failure, an experienced arborist can recommend measures to extend the life of your trees.

Superior Spray Service is proud to offer tree risk assessments through a partnership with Mr. Wyatt Brauer, a master arborist who has been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (or ISA, for short). He has experience working with all tree varieties in Central Florida and can provide his services at residential, and commercial properties including parks and municipal areas owned by a city or county inside the state of Florida.

Arborist Services in Central Florida

In addition to performing tree risk assessments, Superior Spray Service now offers the following tree care services:

  • Tree preservation 
  • Planting & Installation
  • Professional Tree pruning 
  • Mitigation options to protect against disease and/or infestation

Tree Care in Lakeland 

You already know Superior Spray Service can protect your home, business, or boat from pests. Now, our partnership with an ISA board certified master arborist allows us to provide the same top-quality service for your trees. Schedule a tree assessment with our master arborist by messaging us online or calling (833) 682-0700 if you’re located in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding areas of Central Florida.