Do Mosquitoes Die When It Gets Cold?

Mosquitoes Die When It Gets Cold

Now that we’re finally experiencing some cooler days here in central Florida, many of you may be wondering…Do mosquitoes die when it gets cold? Of course, most people think that since it’s not officially summer, they are safe from mosquitoes. This is not always the case! Just because temperatures drop a little doesn’t mean that mosquitoes in our area will die. However, the prevalence of mosquitoes is determined by temperature levels. Once the weather turns colder, certain species of mosquitoes can die off. Others will just become inactive and enter a state similar to hibernation.

Mosquitoes Die When It Gets Cold

Do Mosquitoes Die When It Gets Cold?

Wondering if it’s cold enough to kill mosquitoes? When exactly does it become “too cold” for mosquitoes? The threshold temperature is 50 degrees. When temperature levels are above 50 degrees on a consistent basis, mosquitoes become active. Depending on the species of mosquito, this can mean either emerging from hibernation or resuming to hatch from their eggs.

Areas that encounter warmer temperatures in the fall and winter months, can experience mosquito activity throughout the year. As a result, mosquitoes rarely go into hibernation and will continue to seek out food. As you may have guessed, in Florida, mosquito activity can be close to year-round. In central Florida, for example, mosquito activity usually starts in late February and runs through November, sometimes even December. South Florida, which has an even warmer climate, may experience mosquitoes all throughout the year.

Do Mosquitoes Die When It gets coldMosquito Dangers

The health risks associated with mosquitoes are real. Mosquitoes and their bites can carry a variety of blood-borne diseases, including the Zika virus, which can be especially dangerous to pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant.

What Can I Do To Eliminate Mosquitoes?

Although it can be difficult to obtain constant protection from mosquitoes everywhere you go, you can do your part to protect yourself at home by obtaining mosquito protection from a professional pest control company. The first step of mosquito control is to eliminate the sources where mosquitoes may congregate—such as standing water or bushy vegetation. Once these areas are addressed we can spray to help eliminate adult mosquitos and larvae as part of your individualized treatment plan.

Superior Spray Is Here For You!

When treating mosquitoes or pests, Superior Spray Service Inc. goes the extra mile to help our customers. Our courteous and experienced technicians are trained to treat all entry points of your home. This includes areas around windows, doorways, and underneath eaves, as part of a comprehensive protection against pests.

Even living in the warm Florida climate, you do not have to worry about the constant threat of mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Let the professionals at Superior Spray Service Inc. help protect you from the risks involved with mosquitoes. To learn more about how we treat for mosquitoes or other pests, give us a call at (863) 682-0700 to schedule an on-site consultation and estimate. 

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