Expert Tips To Revive Damaged Trees After A Hurricane

Revive Trees After A Hurricane

How Can I Revive My Damaged Trees After A Hurricane?

Hurricanes are a part of living in the sunshine state. Unfortunately were hit with a couple of back to back storms this storm season. These storms can do a lot of damage to your trees but thankfully the experts at Superior Spray Service can help. In this post, we’ll give you our expert tips and tricks we use to revive damaged trees after a storm. Most trees are resilient and can continue living their best lives even after a hurricane. Read on to get the details.

Tree Consultations

First, it is crucial to assess the condition of the trees on your property after the storm has passed. A hurricane or strong storm weakens your trees and makes them more susceptible to insects and disease due to prolonged rain and high winds. Therefore, a tree consultation by the professionals at Superior Spray Service helps determine if your damaged trees can be saved or if they need to be removed. If they can be saved, we act immediately to devise a treatment plan to revive your trees and prevent further damage. Remember, a timely tree consultation provides peace of mind and safely assesses the damage to your trees after a hurricane.


Not only is pruning a treatment after a storm, it is also the best way to protect your trees before a storm! Proper pruning before a storm helps reduce the risk of tree damage by removing dead or damaged branches and allowing wind to pass through more easily. The average homeowner can usually handle pruning small trees themselves but it’s best to leave larger trees to the professionals (i.e. oaks and tall palm trees). After a storm, professional pruning encourages healthy healing and regrowth to strengthen and revive damaged trees faster. 

Tree Injections

ArborJet Tree Injections are a powerful tool to restore trees that sustained damage from hurricanes. By delivering nutrients, insecticides, and other treatments directly to the vascular system of the tree, ArborJet Tree Injections stimulate growth and support a faster recovery process. These injections bypass the bark and directly target the tree’s active growing tissue, providing treatment to the areas that need it most without wasting anything. With ArborJet Tree Injections, trees receive the support they need to recover without causing further stress to the tree or surrounding landscapes, pets or people. By utilizing ArborJet Tree Injections, you can give your hurricane damaged trees the best chance at recovery and help them thrive once again. Below are a few specific injections that can help revive damaged trees after a hurricane or major storm.

PALM-jet Mg

In the aftermath of a hurricane, PALM-jet Mg helps restore palm trees. This tree injection delivers specifically formulated nutrients directly to a palm tree’s vascular system. Precisely designed for palm trees, do not use this injection on other species of trees. PALM-jet Mg works fast to revive damaged trees by promoting green foliage, and alleviating nutrient deficiencies. By actively targeting the growing tissue, it helps to stimulate growth and support tree recovery after a storm. Utilizing PALM-jet Mg ensures your trees will get a quick uptake of nutrients and receive long lasting benefits without over or under treatment.


Pests and diseases often affect weakened trees after a hurricane. As an injectable fungicide, PHOSPHO-jet can help revive damaged trees that are suffering from pests or diseases. This phosphite-based treatment helps stimulate the tree’s natural defense mechanisms. This aids in recovery after a storm by strengthening cell walls while improving overall growth. It is important to note that PHOSPHO-jet is not a cure-all and will not work on every tree or in every situation.Strengthens cell walls (aids in plant recovery)


IMA-jet is an insecticide that helps protect trees from damage caused by insects. The formulation is specific for direct injection into the trunk of a tree. The tree’s vascular system absorbs and distributes it throughout the damaged tree. When pests feed on the tree’s sap or foliage, they ingest the imidacloprid. This helps control pests and protect the tree, allowing it to recover after a storm.

TREE-äge R10 or TREE-äge® G4

TREE-äge injectables by ArborJet help trees recover from stress and damage. They contain a synthetic plant hormone that helps trees respond to stress. Therefore, when directly injected into the tree, TREE-äge stimulates the tree’s natural defense mechanisms and helps it recover stress or damage after a hurricane or storm. However, it is important to note that TREE-äge is best used as part of a comprehensive tree care plan. 

Expert Tree Care in Florida

In conclusion, if your trees have been damaged by a storm, it is important to assess the extent of the damage with a professional tree consultation. If your trees are treatable, our team will devise an action plan to stabilize the tree. Once your trees are stabilized, you can focus on promoting their recovery. To schedule your tree consultation contact Superior Spray Service today and get on the road to reviving your hurricane damaged trees!