How to give your lawn new life with N-Ext RGS

give your lawn new life

People flock to live in Florida because of the sunshine and the warm weather. That tropical climate comes with a catch though… bugs. The hot and humid weather in Lakeland and other areas of central Florida mean insects and other pests remain active for most of the calendar year. The combination of high humidity and pests can spell trouble for your lawn, not to mention the weeds that can creep in! Ready to revitalize your lawn? Let the professionals at Superior Spray Service apply our new fertilizer, N-Ext RGS™ and give your lawn new life!

give your lawn new life

What is N-Ext RGS™?

N-Ext RGS™ contains a root growth stimulator. It is ideal for lawns in the humid Florida climate, because it has been formulated to grow stronger and deeper roots, while also protecting your grass against the stresses of heat and drought. Using a combination of humic acid and spring kelp as the biologically active material, this exciting product represents plant science and soil science working together in harmony to give your lawn new life. Your turf and plants get the nutrients they need to thrive and be healthy, while your soil receives more oxygen and carbon, which are key to well-nourished, plant-friendly soil.

How Does N-Ext RGS™ Help My Lawn?

Superior Spray Service will apply N-Ext RGS™ at least twice per year. Once in the spring with the first application of nitrogen, and again in the fall. This is one of the latest examples of a biological fertilizer, or biofertilizer. Containing living microorganisms, biofertilizer enriches soil by increasing the quantity of nutrients for both the plants and soil alike. Biofertilizers often are found to produce turf that is healthier, thicker, and more resistant to drought as well as disease.

Lawn care in Florida

At Superior Spray Service, our lawn care professionals know the specific challenges of maintaining a great-looking lawn in Florida. We understand the love you have for your lawn. Therefore we have a wide range of helpful services to help you ensure your lawn looks its best year round. From fertilization, and pest control, to core aeration, we can customize a lawn care package to fit your needs. Our skilled technicians can also provide you with recommendations to help maintain your lawn in between our visits. To get started on a lawn that will have your neighbors green with envy call Superior Spray Service today at (863) 682-0700 or click here to set up a consultation through our website.