How To Check For Bed Bugs At A Hotel

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.” This favorite childhood saying might be more appropriate when traveling. In fact, the NPMA confirmed that 75% of pest control professionals have treated bed bug infestations in hotels and motels. When you travel chances are that you will have to stay in a hotel or motel, which offer bedbugs a great opportunity for breeding, feeding and hitchhiking home with you. Keeping a watchful eye can save you and your family from unnecessary headaches and nightmares stemming from these pests. That’s why your local pest professionals at Superior Spray Service has compiled this list of precautions that helps you check for bed bugs at a hotel.

How To check for bed bugs in a hotel

How To Check For Bed Bugs At A Hotel

  • Upon entering your hotel room, load your luggage into the bathroom. Bed bugs are less likely to be in the bathroom due to slick surfaces that are encountered there. It is of the utmost importance to check your hotel room before you unpack!  
  • Now, it’s time to inspect the rest of your accommodations before unpacking. A flashlight (or the app on your cell phone) will help you thoroughly check for bed bugs in the crevices of sofas, chairs and mattress seams. Keep in mind, bed bugs prefer dark and quiet hiding spaces so check those unexpected corners and behind the headboard!
  • Bed bugs love beds! You should always check for bed bugs in the bed. Signs include tiny spots of blood on the sheets and shedded skins in the seams of the mattress, you could also see live bed bugs. If you see anything suspicious, alert the front desk and ask to be moved to another part of the building.
  • If you need to change rooms, do not settle for a room directly adjoining the infested room (next door, above or below).  Bed bugs are infamous for hitchhiking rides on housekeeping carts, luggage, and even traveling through electrical outlets.
  • Consider covering your luggage in plastic for extra protection while in your hotel room to further deter bed bugs from taking up residence in them.
  • After your trip, check your luggage before bringing it into the house! Wipe down, shake, and/or vacuum your bags before storing them.
  • Want additional protection from bed bugs? Use a garment steamer, put your bags in the dryer or leave them in a HOT garage to kill bed bugs or eggs that may be hiding in them.
  • Wash and dry all of your clothes on the hottest setting that is allowable for each garment. Yes, even those items that you did not wear on your trip.

We hope these tips will help you check for bedbugs at a hotel stay in the future. Remember, sharing is caring! So, share these tips with friends or family members who might be traveling in the future. The fewer bedbugs, the better!

bed bug superior sprayWhat happens If I Already Have A Bed Bug Problem?

If you already have a bed bug or another pest infestation you can count on your local professional pest control operators at Superior Spray Service. We offer 24/7 emergency services for your convenience and safety. When you need us FAST call 863-682-0700 or write us a message to inquire about any of our services.

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