How To Get The Best WDO Inspection By A Termite Certified Pest Control Operator

termite certified pest control operator WDO inspection superior spray service Florida

Imagine your home being eaten from the inside out. The home you saved up for, the home you put your hard-earned money into, the one you and your family sleeps in every night. Termites will literally eat you out of your house, your home. Nicknamed the silent destroyers, termites cause over $5 billion in damage every year. While it is wise to take prevention steps yourself such as not stacking piles of wood near your home. It is crucial to partner with a termite certified pest control operator (PCO). A PCO inspects your property and ensures the proper treatments are performed that keep termites from invading and colonizing. When it comes to termite protection, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but not all pest control companies offer the same level protection. 

Why should you use a termite certified pest control operator to perform your WDO inspection, extermination and prevention? 

termite certified pest control operator WDO inspection superior spray service Florida

What Is A WDO Inspection?

WDO is an abbreviation for “wood-destroying organism”. During a WDO inspection your property is examined for signs of termites, and other wood-destroying pests.  A WDO inspection performed by a termite certified pest control operator will professionally investigate any signs of wood decay, wood damage, evidence of previous infestations, or existing conditions that make your home or business more attractive (i.e. vulnerable) to termites.

When buying a home in Central Florida, having a WDO inspection is usually required by the bank, mortgage company or guarantor financing the purchase. In fact, you should consider a WDO inspection a must-have part of your home-buying process even if you are not financing the purchase. If you buy a home and an infestation is discovered after the fact, you—not the realtor or the seller—will be responsible for treating the problem and repairing any damage. 

WDO Inspections By A Termite Certified Pest Control Operator

Experience, time and money go into providing a proper WDO inspection. The process will take at least 30 minutes, or longer. Factors to consider are the size of the property and any issues found during the inspection. Oftentimes, a PCO will use special equipment along with their knowledge to expose WDOs that are not visible to the untrained eye. A termite certified pest control operator has gone through extensive training and certification. Do not be shy to ask for these qualifications. And by all means, a pest control company offering termite extermination and prevention should be fully licensed and insured.

A WDO inspection should involve the following components: 

– Inspect the exterior of the home or business for signs of termite activity such as mud tubes and sawdust-like droppings. Identify potential conditions that are conducive to termites. Wood stacked on the ground, dead tree stumps, leaky gutters or downspouts, or tree branches overhanging or touching the building are all potential hazards.

-Examine the interior of the home. Give close attention to areas most likely to harbor termites: the garage, door frames, and window frames.  Your WDO inspector also will keep an eye out for live termites or insects, dead termite “swarmers” that can look like winged ants, or damaged wood. 

– Provide recommendations to treat existing termite infestation and/or prevent the incursion of termites, along with an estimate of recommended treatment. 

– An inspection report that clearly defines the pest control operator’s findings.

Termite Certified Pest Control Operator in Central Florida

Your home is the center of your life. Protect it by choosing a company who has termite certified pest control operators to perform your WDO inspections. At Superior Spray, we have three certified pest control operators who can conduct these WDO inspections for you. Schedule your free WDO inspection today by calling us at (863) 682-0700 or contact us online. Please note, free WDO inspections are not available to real estate professionals but are available for a reasonable and affordable price. 

Superior Spray Service is proud to serve residential and commercial customers in Central Florida. Including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding areas.


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