Take Back Your Yard With Mosquito Barrier Sprays

mosquito barrier sprays

The greater Tampa Bay area is ranked among the top 15 worst places the nation for mosquitoes. These annoying pests cause red, often painful bites. However, their biggest threat comes from the dangerous diseases they can transmit. Responsively, Superior Spray Service is proud to offer effective protection from mosquitoes around your home, business or event through our proven mosquito barrier sprays.

mosquito barrier sprays

How Do Mosquito Barrier Sprays Work? 

Your pest control professional at Superior Spray Service precisely delivers the treatment using a backpack fogging machine. Upon application, mosquito barrier sprays go to work immediately. A single application kills mosquitoes and aquatic midges (aka blind mosquitoes) on contact and prevents the pesky insects for three weeks. Our barrier sprays bonds to all foliage, including trees and shrubs. This bond allows the spray to serve as a strong mosquito repellent for up to 21 days. We also have all natural barrier sprays that carry the same effectiveness as our traditional barrier sprays available upon customer request.

Superior Spray - Insect, Mosquito ControlWhere Do We Apply Mosquito Barrier Sprays?

The usual target areas for our barrier spray includes shrubs and plants. Patios, lanais, grill areas, swing sets, and other outdoor spaces also can be treated with the spray. It is safe for people and pets to return to all outdoor activities once 30 minutes following the application. However, you can rest assured it is still working to repel mosquitoes for 21 days.

Commercial Mosquito Barrier Sprays 

As a business owner, you want to keep your customers and clients safe and comfortable. Mosquito barrier sprays make a perfect compliment to any business owner who has clientele outdoors for an extended period of time, especially in hot and humid months. With a mosquito plan from Superior Spray Service, we can help keep your residents, customers, or visitors wanting to spend more time at your location. Optimal benefits can be seen with apartment buildings, residential communities, restaurants or local shops with patios, recreational parks, sports fields, fairgrounds, campgrounds, and similar localities. As an added benefit our barrier sprays are also effective against fleas, ticks and some types of flies.

Mosquito Protection For Your Event

Your outdoor event and attendees are important. Mosquito barrier sprays from Superior Spray Service will ensure that your event will be the main attraction – not the mosquitoes. Barrier sprays are the perfect complement to weddings, concerts, family gatherings, outdoor sporting events and more! Contact your pest professionals at Superior Spray Service to reserve the best time to apply a barrier spray in relation to your big day(s).

Comprehensive Pest Control In Lakeland 

Our barrier spray service is the latest component of our large pest control arsenal. Superior Spray Service is also proud to offer indoor pest control, bed bug treatment, termite prevention and preventative plans, aquatic treatments, lawn spraying, tree injections and more. All are available for your home or business and we are happy to offer free inspections and service estimates. To learn more about any of our pest control services, please give us a call at (863) 682-0700.

Superior Spray Service is proud to serve residential and commercial customers in Central FL including Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding areas.