Why You Need To Prevent Termite Budding

prevent termite budding swarming free inspection

prevent termite budding swarming

Budding. It sounds like a friendly way to hang out with your friends, but in the termite world it means something much more substantial.

Inside a termite colony, there is a complex hierarchy that decides which termites will perform specific tasks such as collecting food, protecting the nest, nurturing the young, etc. Each task is essential and ensures the survival of the entire group. The consequence of this ‘termite intelligence’ is as scary as it is fascinating. Like we’re accustomed to with most pests; when there’s one, there’s bound to be more. The same logic applies to budding termite colonies. So how do you prevent termite budding? Read on to find out more.

Prevent Termite Budding…But What Is It?

Before you can prevent termite budding, you need to know exactly what it is. Termite budding happens when a group of termites splits from the original colony to start a new colony nearby.

Why Do Termites Bud?

prevent termite budding swarming

The Termite Colony Is Threatened

In some cases, termites are forced to split up and start new colonies due to natural forces such as flooding. Other times, homeowners can unknowingly force termite budding by trying to eradicate termite populations themselves. That’s right, some store bought ‘remedies’ can actually promote budding. Therefore, termites will naturally spread out or bud in order to avoid the sprays, or poisons. A professional pest control company, like Superior Spray Service, will survey the termite infestation, eliminate the problem and prevent future returns.

The Termite Colony Expands

Once a termite colony reaches a mature age, or population size, the budding instinct kicks in. There is no predetermined age at which every termite colony will mature. However a subterranean termite colony will typically bud between 3-5 years old.

Winged Termites Emerge prevent termite budding

If you notice winged termites – sometimes mistaken for winged carpenter ants – around your property, chances are a colony has started to bud. This is particularly troubling if you see these pests outside of the typical termite swarm season. This signifies that there is already an existing colony in or near your home

How Can You Prevent Termite Budding?

The best way to prevent termite budding is to eradicate any current colonies on your property. This demands the use of strong pesticides which requires precise management and extreme caution. These types of pesticides work best when applied by pest professionals with specialized training and experience. Our technicians at Superior Spray Service are experts in insect behavior. We know the best methods for finding hidden and elusive termite colonies.

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prevent termite budding swarming free inspection