Professional Lawn Maintenance vs. DIY

professional lawn maintenance

Professional lawn maintenance encompasses a wide variety of services from pests, weeds and diseases to fertilization, aeration and more. 

Having access to lawn care products has never been easier. Just about any big box store has aisles and aisles of products promising to work miracles. You might be wondering, why should I pay for professional lawn maintenance? Besides, you can find all sorts of videos sharing knowledge about lawn care on youtube. It should be easy to achieve that lush, green lawn of your dreams, right?

Alas, you may find yourself contemplating DIY lawn maintenance.  Read on, as Superior Spray Service explains the benefits of professional lawn maintenance.

professional lawn maintenance

Experience & Expertise

First and foremost, professional lawn care technicians have the advantage of specialized training and on the job experience where they see a plethora of lawns. Notably our technicians attend trainings at the University of Florida’s Pest Management University, the world leader for education in the pest management industry. While many homeowners may be knowledgeable about particular aspects of their lawn care, the majority cannot compare to a trained professional’s knowledge. At Superior Spray Service our technicians can make a quick and effective diagnosis of the issues affecting your lawn as well as establish a course of action to get your lawn in its best condition.

Finding The Correct Balance: Pests, Disease & Products

Dealing with your lawn’s issues is not always as simple as it seems. It’s a common misconception that off-the-shelf products offer the best protection from weeds, insects and diseases. Sadly, all lawn care products are not created equal. And we’ll let you in on a little secret, the professionals have access to the best products. Orchestrating the correct balance between weed, pest, and disease control can be much more complex and time consuming than the typical homeowner realizes. 

This is particularly true for homeowners in Florida, where the subtropical climate can result in a wide variety of diseases and insects that are ready to infiltrate your yard. Unless you have the right products and expertise, you may never succeed at controlling these problems. In fact, many homeowners often mistake the signs of pests / diseases for lack of water.

Proper Lawn Care

Professional lawn maintenance doesn’t stop at pests and diseases, it’s only the first step. Lawn care is a vital part of keeping your lawn in top shape. Lawn care services that Superior Spray Service recommends considering:

  • Customized fertilizing
  • Proper irrigation
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding

Consequently, the average homeowner may not know when or how to properly do each of these tasks. Furthermore, even if a homeowner knows the type of care their lawn needs, they may not have access to the right equipment or have the free time to dedicate to it. 

Updated Technology

Lawn care is like any other industry: the technology is always changing. Chemical treatments are always advancing. Fertilizers are improving. Pesticides are getting more efficient. It is our job to stay on top of all the advancements in our field, where the average homeowner won’t have the time or interest to do so.

Simply put, the average homeowner would have to invest more time and money into obtaining professional lawn maintenance chemicals, tools and knowledge than simply investing in the right lawn care technician. Why add all of that headache to your plate when you could just hire a professional? 

DIY Lawn Maintenance 

While many homeowners initially opt for doing their own lawn care, if you are truly interested in achieving that perfectly lush yard, call on a professional. Even though fertilizer, weed control, pest removal and disease prevention products are all available for purchase at local hardware stores, they won’t offer the same benefits as a professionally customized lawn service.

That’s because hardware stores can’t offer the same caliber products as used by lawn care professionals. More specifically, lawn care experts are licensed to properly apply these higher potency chemicals using equipment and tools that are far superior to the average-grade lawn equipment found at a hardware store. 

Contact Superior Spray For A Superior Lawn

Stop wasting your time and money. You don’t have to stress about trying to fit lawn care into your schedule or trying to diagnose your yard’s pest and disease issues by yourself. Let the professionals at Superior Spray Service handle it for you. Call us at (833) 682-0700 for service anywhere in Central and Northwest Florida including Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa, Winter Haven, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Milton and Pensacola. Or message us right here.