5 Reasons Regular Pest Control Is Worth It

regular pest control service

What are the benefits of regular pest control service?

Arggh!!! You hear your wife scream as a giant cockroach flies across the room. You go to grab a shoe to throw at it, and you see another one! A pest infestation is never something anyone wants, but living in Florida without professional pest control is a sure-fire way to get one. Thankfully, Superior Spray offers competitively priced, ongoing pest prevention that helps you keep a well-maintained home and benefits your family’s overall health. Still wondering if regular pest control service is worth it? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider regular pest control service from a licensed pest control operator.

regular pest control service

#1 Save Money

A surprise infestation puts your budget in a bind. A service call to get rid of an infestation will always cost you more than a preventative treatment. You may also need to pay to replace contaminated food the rodents were gnawing on, or for repairs from the termite family that destroyed your walls, flooring or furniture. And we can’t forget therapy for anxiety after encountering a terrible infestation. (Just kidding on that last one, we hope)  On the other hand, regular pest control service can be added to your existing budget for less than treating an infestation, allowing you to have greater peace of mind both financially and for your family’s safety.

#2 Infestations Are Common

If you saw a cockroach, ant, a mouse in your home, then guess what? There are more hiding close by, waiting to appear. Most pests are not solo travelers, and prefer to live in colonies. By the time you actually see termites or other pests crawling or flying around your home, they’ve already set up shop and infested the building. 

By receiving regular pest control treatments from an experienced pest control operator, you are making your house less attractive to these home invaders.Therefore, if pests do enter your home, their populations will stay minimal, exponentially lowering your risk of an infestation that requires home repairs. *Superior Spray Service offers a free call back policy for regular pest control clients. If you are experiencing a pest problem in your home after your pest control service and before you are scheduled for your next service, we will come back and re-treat your home for free. 

#3 Pests Are Messy

Pests cause more than financial burdens. A pest infestation leaves behind contaminated food, unclean surfaces, bites on your family and pets, and pollutants from bodily waste! YUCK! Keeping your home on a schedule of regular pest control service reduces respiratory problems, allergies, illnesses and of course, unneeded worrying about pest related problems. 

#4 You Don’t Have To DIY

Why waste your weekend standing in the pest control aisle trying to decide which spray or bug bomb is best? Are they going to work? How many do you buy, and will that take care of the problem? How long will you need to be out of your house? Will your family be exposed to lingering toxic chemicals? Using a professional pest control service means you will always have the best and safest products used in and around your home. Not to mention, the products used by Superior Spray Service are much more powerful than any product you can buy in stores or order online. Additionally, our professionals are required to obtain regular continuing education on techniques and safety measures.  

#5  Pest Season Never Ends In Florida 

While in most parts of the country, the different seasons will cause pests to be more active or inactive for a period of time. However, living in Florida pests tend to stay active year-round due to our lack of freezing temperatures. That means there is no off-season for pests and your home is always at risk of an infestation. 

Regular Pest Control Service in Florida

Prevention is the best way to protect your health. Consequently, the same logic applies to protecting your home from pests. It is easier to prevent insects and rodents with regular pest control service than it is to come on site and deal with exterminating a full-blown infestation. At Superior Spray Service, our professional pest control technicians are well-informed about the types of pests Floridians face and how to effectively eliminate and prevent them. We offer both interior and exterior pest control treatments. We can even treat transitional spaces such as your pool area, patios, lanai, shed or garage.

Now is the time to make your home a safe haven for you and your family, not dirty pests. If you live in Lakeland, Tampa, Plant City, Pensacola, Milton, Pace or anywhere in the Central or Northwest areas of Florida, we can help you become and stay pest free! Contact Superior Spray Service today (833) 682-0700 to request a FREE pest inspection from one of our award winning professionals.