Scheduled Pest Control Service – 10 Reasons To Have It!

Scheduled pest control service

Is Scheduled Pest Control Service Really Worth It? 

Many things in your home require ongoing attention to remain in their ideal state – your bed, laundry, floors, dishes, etc. Pest control is no different. Without ongoing pest control service, pests have easy access to your home. It’s an unsettling thought, but what’s worse is that unattended pest problems can cause damage to your home and put your family’s health at risk. That’s why scheduled pest control service is one of the best ways to offer peace of mind and protection from ants, termites, spiders and more. 

When you sign up for scheduled pest control service with Superior Spray Service, a technician will consistently come to your home or business to perform preventative pest control services. Many of our services are scheduled yearly or quarterly although the frequency of service can be adjusted, depending on your needs and preferences. 

scheduled pest control service

Along with protection from pests, these programs offer many benefits you may not have considered. Here are 10 benefits that come from signing up for scheduled pest service. 

1. Reduced Pest Control Costs

Have you ever heard the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It’s especially true in pest control. It’s always less expensive to prevent pest problems than it is to treat them once a full-blown infestation develops. Therefore, you’ll save money in the long run with scheduled pest control service in Florida.  

2. More Effective Treatments

Some insects are resistant to the sprays and treatments you can buy in stores. This means you could treat infestations multiple times with no or worsening effects. You’ll have spent extra money and time to rid yourself of the problem, but the bugs are still there. The treatments used by professional pest control companies are highly effective and take care of the problem usually in just one treatment.

3. Protect Your Property

Insects such as termites and ants can cause significant damage to your home. By the time you see these pests crawling around your home, you may already be facing a major repair bill. Scheduled pest control services protect your home from pests, saving you time and the expense of repairs! 

4. Get customized treatment

When you choose to receive pest control services from a licensed pest control operator, your technician will use professional products specifically designed to treat the pest issues you want to prevent. At Superior Spray Service customer satisfaction is our main goal. We pride ourselves on having open lines of communication in order for our clients and technicians to develop customized pest control plans that fits your needs and budget. When you take advantage of scheduled pest control services you are more apt to report or address concerns about a specialty pest occurrence such as rodents, bedbugs, or termites. If you are worried about or sensitive to certain treatments, don’t forget to ask about our green pest control services. Remember, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to pest control but to get more bang for your buck, customized and scheduled pest control services are your best bet.

5. Save Time

When you’re busy taking care of your family’s needs, the last thing you want to worry about  is a conga line of ants in your kitchen or finding evidence of a rodent in your home. Scheduled pest control services allow you to focus on what’s most important instead of spending time dealing with insects and rodents. 

6. Maintain Property Value

Your home is a significant investment, so protecting it should be high on your priority list. Regularly scheduled pest control treatment helps protect your home from destructive pests such as termites and rodents. Properties that have experienced pest infestations can have a lower value. You could also find yourself having to shell out thousands to correct an untreated problem when it’s time to sell. A proactive approach to pest control saves you money now and in the future. 

7. Fewer Pest Related Allergies and Itching

Some people have an allergic reaction to the presence of bugs like ants and roaches. Not to mention, no one is safe from biting insects like fleas and bedbugs. These pests leave sores or itchy welts that can become a serious health issue when not properly attended to. Scheduled pest control services keep your family safe from unneeded allergy flare ups due to pests. 

8. Less Cleaning

If you have a pest problem in your home, you are constantly cleaning to maintain minimal sanitary living conditions. Scheduled pest control services create a protective barrier around your home, lowering your risk of infestations, and eliminating the need for non-stop cleaning with little effectiveness.

9. Enjoy The Outdoors

Mosquitos, fleas, ticks, ants and other outdoor insects make spending time outside miserable. Who wants to be constantly bitten by bugs while trying to enjoy the outdoors? Routine pest control can keep these pesky pests at bay, allowing you to spend time in the beautiful outdoors Florida is known for. 

10. Prevent Illnesses

Rodents and some insects carry diseases that can make your family ill. Trust us – you don’t want these pests in your home. Scheduled pest control services keep these critters out of your home so you and your loved ones don’t have to worry about easily avoidable illnesses!  

Scheduled Pest Control Services in Florida

Perhaps the best benefit of a routine pest control program is having a trusted advocate when it comes to your pest control needs. At Superior Spray Service we work with you to keep your home free from pests and respond quickly if a need arises. 

Trust Superior Spray Service to provide exceptional scheduled pest control services in Central Florida, from Hillsborough and Polk to Orange County and Northwest Florida from Escambia County to Okaloosa County. Call us today at 833-682-0700 or request service using our online form