There are many pest problems that can attack your shrubs. A few of these being aphids, whiteflies, caterpillars, mealybugs, snails, and various forms of scales.

Superior Spray Service regular sixty day maintenance will take care of all the issues above except for snails.They will be treated with a granular bait, as needed for problem plants. A way you can tell if you are having a snail problem is that there will shrubspic be holes in the centers of the leaves on the problem plants, whereas caterpillars usually chew from the edges of the plant leaves.

You may walk outside your home or business and notice on your plants that there is a black coating on the leaves. This is called sooty mold. You may suspect this is some form of fungus, and it is. This shows that there is some type of pest infestation on your plants, which needs to be addressed.

Another issue that the owner of the home or business may come across is a discoloring of the plant leaves. This could be the onset of a disease through lack of proper fertilization. Ixoras will be one of your first shrubs to show this stress. As many of you may know, lately there has been a problem that has voraciously attacked hibiscus bushes. This problem is a pink mealybug. Superior Spray Service is on top of this issue and has a systemic insecticide which will cure this situation.

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