How To Get Rid Of Spanish Moss In Your Trees

Spanish Moss Removal Florida Superior Spray Service

Florida’s subtropical climate means a variety of trees and plant life grow well here. Unfortunately, epiphytes thrive in Florida’s natural humidity as well. What are epiphytes? To put it simply, moss. These plants survive off nutrients and moisture in the atmosphere, and include Spanish moss and ball moss. While Florida mosses are not innately harmful they can quickly become destructive if not maintained. Superior Spray Service wants to explain the potential hazards of these mosses and how our Central Florida tree care experts can help.

The Impact of Spanish Moss on Your Trees

Unique to the Southern United States, Spanish moss is often thought to have a certain “down-home” charm. Flowing tendrils hang down from tree branches and sway in the wind creating an aesthetic feature you often see in movies. Although Spanish moss is not a parasite it can have a negative impact on your trees. 

Spanish Moss Removal Florida Superior Spray Service

Spanish Moss can cause problems such as the ones listed below.


When moss covers a tree, the tree has greater difficulty completing the process of photosynthesis, which converts sunlight into food. 

2. Added Weight

For its size, Spanish moss can hold a large amount of water. That additional weight can damage or break branches, even on a healthy tree in the prime of life. This damage could be deadly for an unhealthy, juvenile, or elderly tree. 

3. Hides Other Problems 

Sneaky Spanish moss can conceal important warning signs of other issues, such as disease, injuries, and insect infestations.

4.Animal Habitat

Birds, spiders, butterflies, and frogs are amongst the friendlier creatures that love mossy homes. On the other hand, moss-burdened trees in Florida are also more likely to suffer from infestations of nasty pests like boll weevils, fleas, ticks, and chiggers.  

How to Handle Your Moss Problem 

You can actually handpick the Spanish moss straight off of your trees. However, if you have a life outside of cleaning your trees, you probably will not have the time. Another way people try to rid their trees of moss is to use a DIY product. In the best case, the product will kill some of the moss. Worst case, it could harm surrounding plant and animal life in your yard and you’ll still end up with moss in your trees.

Alas, the best option is to hire a professional moss removal company like Superior Spray Service. Our well-trained staff has the experience and tools to spray for your moss quickly and efficiently—and without jeopardizing other flora and fauna. In fact, we have a dedicated moss spraying trailer. Our spraying equipment is equipped to treat even the tallest trees and hard-to-reach areas up to 80ft. Superior Spray Services offers three types of moss removal: copper sulfate spraying, marine/lake safe spraying, and Arborjet tree injections.

Moss Removal in Polk, Hillsborough and throughout Central Florida

Are your trees’ branches covered in Spanish moss? Do their branches seem weighed down, especially after it rains? If Spanish moss growing on your trees has become a problem, it’s time to call Superior Spray Service! We are proud to provide service moss removal services throughout Central Florida including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, and Brandon. We stop moss in its tracks. Make an appointment with one of our professional technicians today by calling (833) 682-0700.