How Can I Stop Moss From Killing My Trees

stop moss from killing my trees

“We have moss that is choking the life out of our beautiful trees! It’s also creating an abundance of extra weight and spreading to nearby plants as well. Please help, how can I stop moss from killing my trees and plants?”

stop moss from killing my trees

Moss is a common problem in Florida, often infesting trees with its scaly gray masses that hangs off of trees and plants like an old man’s beard. While spanish moss doesn’t feed off of the trees it inhabits, it does grow over healthy leafy branches. This makes it difficult for the tree or plant to photosynthesize and thrive. The trees also suffer from the excess weight of the moss. Living in the central Florida area, we experience constant spring, summer and fall rains. This adds additional weight to the moss that can damage, and break off even strong tree limbs. Numerous tree experts and arborists, attest that oftentimes tree owners do not realize the full danger and burdens that can come with abundant moss. Although, a little moss can be pretty to some, for many it is a sign to call Superior Spray Service. So if you find yourself wondering, “Who can stop moss from killing my trees and taking over my yard?” You’ve found the right people!

Superior Spray Service - Moss Spraying and Removal

What can Superior Spray Service do to stop moss from killing my trees?

  • Copper Sulfate Spraying

An effective way to thoroughly kill most is to spray it with copper sulfate. The spray systemically travels through the entire mass of moss. Copper is also one of the main ingredients in most dry fertilizers therefore it could help your tree and nearby plants recover faster. It is best however, to keep children and pets out of the yard until the solution has dried. Although copper solution sometimes carries a staining risk to nearby painted surfaces, Superior Spray Service is always prepared. During your service, we will have a ground tech to ensure all painted areas washed down, kept clean and stain-free.

  • Marine / Lake Safe Spraying

If your home is near a lake, pond, or other body of water you have most likely pondered the following question. Who can stop moss from killing my trees and not harm my nearby marine life? You’re in luck! At Superior Spray Service we have a moss remedy that won’t harm your trees or surrounding marine life. This naturally non-toxic solution is a rapid and effective resolution to your moss problems.

stop moss from killing my trees arborjet tree injections

  • Arborjet Tree Injections

Arborjet trunk injections are a safe and efficient way to treat many tree ailments. Since the solutions are injected directly into the tree, there are no environmental dangers and no ‘drying time’. This method also uses smaller amounts of pesticide when compared to other treatment methods. Trunk injections are only authorized to be completed by a licensed and insured Arborjet tree care service provider like Superior Spray Service. The process involves using a special injection tool which places and seals the solution directly into the trunk where it is quickly absorbed by the tree’s vascular system and distributed. This solution is perfect for business owners and families with small children and pets.

What’s the best cure for your moss problems? Give us a call and one of our knowledgeable Superior Spray Service technicians will be happy to do a complimentary evaluation of your trees and landscape. 863-682-0700

Spanish Moss Facts:

  • One pound of Spanish Moss typically holds 3 additional pounds – or more – of rain water. Example: A tree with 500 lbs of moss triples its weight to 1500 lbs. of living Spanish moss after a normal rainfall. Increase that weight to 3600 lbs after a severe storm or hurricane.

  • The University of Florida has said that Spanish moss should be removed from citrus and crepe myrtles as it can become too abundant and smother the tree.

  • Moss is a welfare plant. It harms your trees. It uses the tree and gives nothing good back.

  • Trees have enough problems holding their own weight during storms they do not need the excess weight of moss weighing them down.

  • Spanish moss can be host to nasty parasites such as chiggers or red bugs

If you feel moss is crowding your trees, or making a slow and unwelcome appearance, it’s time to call Superior Spray Service! Superior Spray Service, Inc. is proud to serve the pest control needs of residential, commercial, and construction clients throughout North & Central Florida; including Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa, and the surrounding areas, as well as in North Florida’s Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, & Escambia counties. View our entire service area here… or simply contact us for a Free Estimate.