The Importance Of Termite Protection For Your Home

Formosan Termite Protection Plan

The importance of termite protection for your home.

As a homeowner, you want to keep your property and your family safe. This is why we invest in smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s why we pay for security systems. You have spent time and money to protect your home against so many potential threats, but does that include a termite protection plan? Termites can ravage your home yet often fly under the radar of most homeowners.  Superior Spray Service, Inc., wants to make sure you understand the importance of having a termite protection plan. 

Why are termites so dangerous? 

Their colonies grow rapidly – A single acre of land can house up to six colonies; that’s millions of termites! Formosan termites, also known as super-termites, reproduce quickly. In fact, a Formosan termite queen can produce 1,000 or more eggs every day. 

They’re always hungry – Termites are always eating: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Formosan termites are especially ravenous. One colony of mature Formosan termites can consume 31 grams, or a single ounce, every day. At that rate, a Formosan colony can eat an entire piece of 2×4 wood in less than a month. 

They can do devastating damage – Termites cause about $5 billion worth of property damage each year in the United States. What’s worse is that the average home insurance policy does not cover termite damage. 

The Danger of Formosan Termites aka “Super Termites” 

As you might have guessed, Formosan termites pose a greater threat than other species, such as subterranean termites or drywood termites. Identified by their long, narrow, oval shape, Formosan termites range in color from brown to a creamy white. These pests are prevalent throughout the southern United States, including areas of northwest and central Florida. They consume not just wood, but also chew through your flooring, concrete, wallpaper, and even insulation on utility wires. 

Superior Spray Service Inc. Offers Guaranteed Termite Protection

As a homeowner, you must take responsibility to protect your property against the potentially catastrophic damage of termites. It is a best practice to schedule a WDO inspection at least once per year to ensure your home remains free of termites and wood-destroying organisms. You also should hire a professional pest control operator to enact a termite protection plan that prevents termites from infiltrating your home.

Superior Spray Service offers two types of termite control: 

Termidor® – This is considered the “gold standard” of termite defense across the pest control industry. It works on all the major termite species: drywood, subterranean, and Formosan. Termidor® is a liquid chemical treatment that is applied to the ground surrounding and underneath a building, cutting off all potential entry points for termites. This product provides comprehensive protection against termites and has been used on millions of American homes since it was introduced 20 years ago.

Hex-Pro – This bait system targets the workers in a termite colony, who carry the active chemical back to the entire colony, where it spreads. Hex-Pro’s active ingredient, hexaflumuron, prevents worker termites from molting. Without molting, they die. This eventually suppresses the entire colony, as workers also are responsible for providing their colony’s outside food supply.

Termite Protection in Northwest and Central Florida 

Both of Superior Spray Service, Inc.’s termite protection plans come with a yearly renewable damage repair bond of $300,000. Giving you peace of mind knowing your home is protected. Your home is likely your biggest financial investment. Protect it with a termite preventative plan from a licensed, experienced pest control professional company like Superior Spray Service, Inc. We are proud to serve customers in the Tampa Bay/Orlando area of central Florida and the Pensacola area of northwest Florida. Schedule an on-site estimate with one of our technicians call (833) 682-0700 or contact us via our website.