Comprehensive WDO inspections from Superior Spray Service

WDO Inspections Superior Spray Service

Importance of WDO inspections

Wood destroying organisms, especially termites are more common, and wreak more havoc, than you might realize. Each year, termites damage about 600,000 homes in the United States. This adds up to billions of dollars in property damage. In a warm and humid climate such as Florida, termites and wood destroying organisms can swarm at almost any time of the year. That means protection is key. In this article, we discuss the importance of quality WDO inspections from a reputable company such as Superior Spray Service.

WDO Inspections Superior Spray Service

What To Expect: WDO Inspections

WDO inspections from Superior Spray Service are a thorough evaluation of your entire property, looking for signs of termites and other wood destroying organisms. Superior Spray Service is proud to use Termatrac, a state of the art radar, as a non-invasive way to check for termite presence and activity. This radar also scans for moisture and thermal irregularities and differences.

Your WDO inspection that should take, at minimum, 30 minutes to complete. It entails investigating your house, any other structures on your property, and the surrounding grounds for evidence of termites and conditions that could attract these pests to your home or business. A WDO inspection from Superior Spray Service will also include recommendations to prevent or treat a termite infestation. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will provide a report detailing all of the findings. Ideall, you should have your property undergo a WDO inspection once a year. Or at the very least, once every two years. If your WDO inspection reveals a problem, don’t let immediate panic set in. Superior Spray Service can treat issues quickly, through professional use of BASF’s Termidor and Trelona systems

Who Is Qualified To Perform WDO Inspections?

A proper WDO inspection is a meticulously detailed process that should only be performed by an experienced, trained termite expert. Therefore, the termite experts at Superior Spray Service are well-versed in performing WDO inspections in Central and Northwest Florida. We combine our knowledge and equipment to detect signs of WDOs that a novice could easily overlook. The WDO inspectors at Superior Spray Service receive continuing education and have the certifications to perform these inspections. We are also fully licensed and insured.

WDO Inspections Are Vital In Real Estate Transactions.

When selling your home or a commercial property, a WDO inspection will be part of the process. Mortgage lenders will require a WDO inspection before giving the clear to close a purchase of real estate. If you plan to sell your property, we recommend completing a WDO inspection early on. This way you can provide the findings—also known as a termite letter—to prospective buyers. This will establish evidence that your home or business is free of any WDO issues. Realtors in Florida should also know the importance of recommending a professional WDO inspection to their clients. Each of our Certified Pest Control Operators at Superior Spray Service has the experience and knowledge to perform thorough WDO  inspections.

WDO Inspections From Superior Spray Service

Termites can ravage your home or business. Don’t let these pests ruin your real estate sale. The experts at Superior Spray Service can provide the peace of mind, and security that you need. Schedule a WDO inspection from Superior Spray Service today by calling (833) 682-0700.

Superior Spray Service is here to provide professional pest control services to residential and commercial customers in Central and Northwest Florida including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Tampa, Orlando, Pensacola, Milton, Pace and the surrounding areas.