Why You Need Boat Pest Control

boat pest control in Florida

Boat Pest Control In Florida

Many of today’s pests that we struggle to control actually traveled to here via ships and boats. Consequently, any boat owner can tell you boats are prime habitats for, well…boatloads of pests. In fact, all of the things we enjoy about spending time on boats are the things pests love about them too. Specifically, the moisture, warmth, and heat. Florida boating owners know that our warm, humid weather can turn your treasured vessel into a paradise for pests. That’s why Superior Spray Service offers pest control services for boats, in addition to continuing to serve residential and commercial customers throughout Northwest and Central Florida.

boat pest control in Florida

Pest Identification on Boats

It almost most goes without saying, if you want to get pests off of your boat, you have to start by knowing what kind of infestation you have. The following varieties of pests are most common on boats: 

  • Palmetto bugs 
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants 
  • Subterranean and Drywood Termites
  • bedbugs
  • fleas
  • mice and rats
  • stinging insects
  • silverfish

The Risks of Boat Pest Infestations

The unfortunate reality is, by the time you see pests they have already begun to do damage. Cockroaches and palmetto bugs can spread disease and cause allergies. Rodents can chew through wiring and make their nests in less than ideal places. Fleas and bedbugs can leave itchy bites and be impossible to control with store-bought pesticides. Termites, on the other hand, can do serious structural damage. On a boat, the food sources for termites can include interior furniture and structural components. This is true even for boats with a fiberglass hull, since wood is still a major part of the composition of fiberglass watercrafts. Your boat could even sink if an infestation gets out of control, especially with the stress placed on boats when operated at high speeds!

Boat Pest Control Treatment Options

If you identify signs of an infestation, you may immediately run out to your local store and look for aerosol foggers and sprays, but be cautious. An aerosol fogger won’t work on a lot of boats or reach the areas that you’ll need to treat. In addition, certain insecticide sprays may be illegal to use on boats, due to the potential environmental impact on fish and other water creatures. Not to mention by the time you’ve sprayed, you may find yourself having covered every surface area on your boat, yet continue to experience pest problems. This is because, whether on land or in water, pests tend to build their nests in areas that are difficult to reach.

Professional Pest Control for Boats in Northwest & Central Florida 

The experts at Superior Spray Service know the secrets of pests. Our team prides themselves on earning new certifications and continuing their education in order to be the best in the pest control industry. If your boat has become infested with termites, cockroaches or other pests, you can’t afford to wait and call us later. In fact, trying to treat the problem yourself, with a store-bought pesticide could cause an even bigger problem. 

Your boat is valuable, and let’s be honest you love it. Don’t let pests destroy it. Contact a certified pest professional as soon as you notice signs of a pest problem. If you live in Tampa, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Kissimmee, Pensacola, Milton, Santa Rosa or the surrounding areas of Central and Northwest Florida, let the pros at Superior Spray Service treat your home, boat, and business. Learn why Superior Spray Service has become one of the leading pest control companies in the state of Florida. Contact us here or call (833) 682-0700 and stay happy and safe while out on the water.