The Best Pest Control Tips and Tricks

pest control tips and tricks

Learn Pest Control Tips & Tricks

Many homeowners – even those of us in Florida – have to deal with the threat of bugs trying to snuggle up inside your home during the colder months. Sure, mosquitoes, fleas, ladybugs, and flies are less likely to be a problem during the winter. But ants, beetles, ticks, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish all are trying to find somewhere warm with a food source so they can survive until spring.

That somewhere could be your home. Florida residents have to be on alert since we don’t experience icy, frost-bitten temperatures that kill off insects, like in the northern states. Instead, all of the critters who live in our hot, subtropical climate are looking for a temporary shelter from the few cold weeks we experience each year. 

Learn how to prevent pests from moving into your home using these pest control tips and tricks provided by your Florida pest control professionals at Superior Spray Service Inc. 

Pest Control Tips and Tricks Guide

According to the National Pest Management Association, all homeowners who want to prevent a pest invasion should conduct a thorough investigation of their home’s perimeter. During this property search, keep your eyes peeled for anything that can shelter a pest. Potential sanctuaries include items like abandoned toys, pet bowls, or piles of clutter. They also like to hide in rotted tree stumps, garden debris and piles of leaves. After you’ve searched the perimeter of your home for bug breeding grounds, you can move on to the eight steps below. 

  1. Shut The Door. Closing any cracks and sealing crevices in your home is the most important step in preventing bugs from entering. With some silicone caulk, you can close off any minor entry points for pests. Specifically, check to make sure areas around utility pipes and appliance lines are sealed off.
  2. Screen Your Visitors. No, we don’t mean you should check your guests for bugs. Although, we’ll leave that up to your discretion. What we really mean is to seal any torn window screens or screen doors. It also should be noted that if you have an attic, chimney or dryer vents, they should also have proper screens to prevent pests from entering. Repairing any holes in screens will help to make sure bugs aren’t entering through these access points. 
  3. Make Repairs. Replace weather-stripping if it looks ragged, worn or torn. Repair loose mortar, stucco or siding around your home’s foundation. 
  4. Rake Away The Problem. Rake up loose fallen leaves. Clean out vegetation, debris and leaves from your gutters. While a pile of decaying leaves seems unappealing to you and me, it is particularly appealing to mosquitos. 
  5. Check Your Wood. Check your porch, patio, fascia and shingles for any wood that is decaying or untreated. Deteriorating wood can be like a hotel vacancy sign for species of bugs such as termites and ants.  
  6. Clean Up Your Landscaping. You can’t keep away bugs if you don’t keep your landscape properly trimmed and tidied. That includes keeping all shrubberies pruned, removing all dead plant matter and keeping your yard mowed. And, if possible, make sure any mulch is at least 15 inches away from your home’s foundation. 
  7. Water You Waiting For: Clearing stagnant water and properly using water irrigation are both crucial to pest prevention. Clearing downspouts, fixing leaky hose spigots, and regularly cleaning bird baths all greatly can decrease the likelihood of bugs.
  8. Dry Up Your Tears: If you follow all the steps above, the only thing left is to keep water from ponding or standing near the exterior of your home. Make sure your home remains dry and well ventilated, and you should have no bug-related worries. 

pest control tips and tricks

Proactive vs. Reactive Pest Control

These are great pest control tips and tricks to prevent bugs from entering your home. If you can prevent an infestation, then you’re already ahead of the curve! However, if you’ve already noticed an influx of pests attempting to cozy up in your home, it’s time to call an expert, like the team of professional technicians at Superior Spray Service Inc. Bugs can be hazardous to your home and your family’s health so it’s vital to take quick action.

Pest Prevention in Central Florida

Here in the Sunshine State, we don’t have many months where the temperatures are too cold. While that’s good for our comfort, it also means we don’t have a down season for pests. That’s why staying on top of pest control is a must. 

Warmer climates mean more work for homeowners warding away bugs. If you live in Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando or any of the surrounding areas in Central Florida, contact Superior Spray Service to learn more about pest control and prevention. Give us a call at (833) 682-0700 or request an on-site evaluation from one of our professional technicians.