In Florida we have a wide variety of weeds such as broadleaf weeds, sedges, and grassy weeds that can take over your lawn. We apply herbicides to help aid in the control of broadleaf weeds such as dollar weed, oxalis and clover.  Sedges and some grassy weeds can be treated throughout the year, however currently there are no selective herbicide treatments available to control crabgrass. To keep your lawn healthy throughout the year we will also apply fertilizer stimulate the growth of quality turfgrass. At Superior Spray Service we always aim to give you the best service by using high quality products to service your lawn, continuing our education and staying current with innovative trends in the industry.

Aeration. Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Core aeration removes “plugs” of compacted turf, thatch, and soil. This allows water to penetrate deep within your lawn and facilitate the exchange of fresh air within the soil. Aerating your lawn is a great way to reduce thick thatch, loosen up compacted soils and make it easier for water, nutrients, and fertilizers to reach the roots of your turf. Even with the best care available, lawns can thin out and lose color due to thatch build-up, foot & pet traffic, high temperatures, high humidity, or drought that creates hard or compacted soils.

Soil Analysis. What is a soil analysis and how is it used?

A soil analysis is used to determine the level of nutrients found in a soil sample. As such, it can only be as accurate as the sample taken in a particular field. The results of a soil analysis will provide us with an estimated amount of fertilizer nutrients needed to supplement those already in the soil. Applying the appropriate type and amount of fertilizer will give our techs a better understanding of your lawn’s needs.

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Insect Control, Weed Control, Disease Control

For lawns, an insecticide will be applied for the control of chinch bugs and sod webworms, every sixty days. This will also assist in the control of ants, mole crickets and many other lawn destroying insects. Superior Spray Service also offers a flea and tick lawn treatment if needed. If a situation arises with grub worms, a non-common problem, a granular product will be used to treat the lawn for an additional charge.

In the warmer months when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which happens often in the central Florida area, we will apply a systemic fungicide to help aid in the control of gray leaf spot and brown patch. These are common diseases that attack St. Augustine cultivars.

Our Lawn Care Recommendations

We recommend that lawns be treated every sixty days for a variety of pest problems that may arise. We believe in being pro-active, not re-active. This promotes having beautiful landscaping.

We apply herbicides year-round to help aid in the control of broad leaf weeds. We also apply liquid fertilizer to help stimulate growth. This gives the yard an added boost in a non-active growing season. When needed or requested a pre-emergent can be added to help keep crabgrass from forming in the lawn. Please note that this will not kill active growing crabgrass that is already existing in lawns.